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The science behind
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Installing the UVia System

No more chemicals
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No more chemicals…

No more clothes pins!

You are in the business of selling a lifestyle. The lifestyle will be the pathway for your customers to experience new adventures with family and friends. Set yourself apart by treating the cause, not the symptoms. When your customers use chemicals to treat black and gray water tanks, they are masking odors with fragrances and doing nothing to kill the germs and bacteria which cause the odors and can make them sick. Utilizing ultra violet technology, UVia Lite is a completely green method of eliminating odors and killing bacteria coming from waste holding tanks. Your customers will see open roads and smell fresh air for years to come.

By partnering with UViaLite you are significantly enhancing your customers overall experience with minimal investment.

About Us

UViaLite was born from the belief there had to be a safer and more effective way to clean waste holding tanks on RV’s without utilizing chemicals. Committed to the concept of developing a safer, greener system of removing harmful toxins within the holding tanks; the team went to work. A decade later we are proud to bring UVia Lite air purification system to the RV market. Utilizing ultra violet technology we have accomplished our original mission and can provide RV owners a safer solution to clean waste holding tanks.

Partnering with UVia Lite

As a manufacture of RV’s, you have many partnerships with different suppliers. By partnering with UVia you will be injecting new technology into an age-old problem of neutralizing odors and germs from waste holding tanks.

By partnering with UViaLite, our team will truly help set you apart in the world of RV manufacturers. With our air purification system on board your customers will no longer have to use ineffective chemicals to clean holding tanks. UViaLite provides the same sterilization process currently used in hospitals, water treatment facilities and farming. Thus, allowing them to have a safer and more carefree experience.

With all the standard features available on a typical RV, wouldn’t customers choose the company who allows them to breath clean fresh air.

How the UViaLite System works

When oxygen molecules in the earth’s upper atmosphere are exposed to UV light from the sun, they are converted to activated oxygen (O3), one of the most powerful oxidizing agents known to man.

Activated oxygen can also be created with specially tuned UV lamps. When oxygen molecules (or O2) are exposed to UV light at a wavelength of 185 nanometers their two oxygen atoms split apart. These single oxygen atoms quickly attach to other oxygen molecules creating activated oxygen (O3). The third oxygen atom is attached with a weak bond making activated oxygen molecules unstable and short lived. Activated oxygen is a highly reactive gas that has a distinct “fresh” odor reminiscent of the way the air smells after a lightning strike.

When activated oxygen molecules come into contact with odorous pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) its third oxygen atom detaches from the activated oxygen molecule and onto the hydrogen sulfide molecule. This instantaneous oxidation process changes the chemical composition of the hydrogen sulfide molecule into non-odorous elemental sulfur. Activated oxygen also kills organic substances such as bacteria. When activated oxygen molecules come into contact with bacteria its third oxygen atom detaches and ruptures the bacteria’s outer wall. This causes the bacteria to collapse and die.

The patent pending UViaLite System is a revolutionary product that combines natural phenomena with proven UV technology to kill surface and airborne pathogens in RV gray and black waste holding tanks. A key component of the UViaLite System is our custom UV lamp housing. This housing doubles as an activated oxygen generation chamber and air intake vent. The housing is installed in a location beneath the floor of the RV such as a luggage storage area.
The UViaLite System’s innovative activated oxygen delivery mechanism incorporates the same principles used in generating electricity-free air conditioning with solar chimneys.

The solar chimney absorbs heat from the sun creating a thermal updraft that siphons warm outdoor air into an intake vent attached to the building. This air is cooled and it travels deep into the ground and back up into the building and out the chimney cooling the building’s interior space.

The UViaLite System incorporates the same principle using the RV’s rooftop vent pipe to create a solar chimney for RV waste holding tanks. The thermal updraft draws air into the UV lamp housing to slowly transport activated oxygen into the waste holding tank to sterilize surface and airborne pathogens. Clean, safe air is exhausted out the rooftop vent pipe.

When the moon replaces the sun and the solar chimney effect is no longer present, the heat generated by the UV lamp is sufficient to perpetuate the thermal updraft to continue entraining activated oxygen into the holding tank to work its sterilize surface and airborne pathogens.

Our team worked with a collective obsession to bring a simple and efficient design to a complex sterilization system that promises to dramatically enhance the RV’ing experience.


Q: What types of pathogens does the UViaLite System neutralize?

A: Surface and airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide.

Q: Does the UViaLite System harm the “good” bacteria in wastewater?

A: No – the triatomic oxygen doesn’t penetrate the surface of the wastewater.

Q: Aren’t chemicals necessary to break down waste solids in blackwater tanks?

A: Most veteran RV’ers have discovered that flushing with plenty of water is just as effective as the use of chemical additives. In fact, enzyme based chemicals take 5-7 days to begin to work while the average RV’er dumps their blackwater tank every 3-4 days.

Formaldehyde based chemicals, while effective, are highly toxic, require special handling and storage measures and can be harmful to the environment.

Q: Can chemical additives be used in conjunction with the UViaLite System?

A: Yes, but the perfume scent found in most chemical additives will be neutralized by the activated oxygen.

Q: How often does the UV lamp need to be replaced?

A: We recommend annual replacement.

Q: Is the UViaLite System safe?

A: The UViaLite System was engineered to ensure that ozone flows from the UViaLite housing, through the waste holding tank and out the rooftop vent pipe. Odor and germ free air containing safe, trace levels of ozone may enter the bathroom for 3-5 seconds when the toilet is flushed with the exhaust fan on.

Q: If a sink’s air admittance valve is stuck open or a shower’s water trap seal is depleted will ozone enter the living space of the motorhome?

A: No. That’s because the UViaLite System produces a negative pressure situation (suction) in the waste holding tank due to the thermal updraft at the rooftop vent pipe. The ozone will continue to flow up and out the rooftop vent pipe because it holds a larger volume of warm air than the drain lines in the sink or shower.

Q: What happens if the UV lamp fails while on the road or at the campground?

A: During the day the thermal updraft at the rooftop vent pipe will continue to exhaust odors to the atmosphere. At night when the thermal updraft isn’t as pronounced, odors might enter the restroom when the toilet is flushed.

Q: If the rooftop vent pipe becomes clogged will ozone flow out of the UViaLite housing in reverse?

A: If a waste holding tank is accidentally overfilled the rooftop vent pipe will become clogged shutting down the thermal updraft that entrains air into the UViaLite housing. Without this entrained air, the UViaLite System won’t be able to produce energized oxygen. When the waste holding tank is drained and the vent pipe is unclogged the UViaLite System will proceed to operate normally.

Q: If a waste holding tank is accidentally overfilled can wastewater enter the UViaLite housing?

A: The tubing that connects the UViaLite housing to the waste holding tanks extends well above the respective flood line of each tank. This ensures that wastewater will never back up into the UViaLite housing.

Q: Is triatomic oxygen (O3) harmful to the environment?

A: No – triatomic oxygen is as natural as sunshine and will convert back to diatomic oxygen (O2) in less than an hour. The UViaLite System’s natural oxidation process doesn’t add or take away anything from the environment.