Safety Step. Built on safety and strength since 1995.

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Quality Step Stools to Fit Your Needs

Recreational Vehicles

Enjoy outdoor recreation with ease. Safety step will provide that extra lift you need to enter and exit your RV, boat trailer or any recreational need.

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Transportation Industry

Boarding and exiting large vehicles like tour buses, motor coaches, shuttle buses, large passenger vehicles or trains can present safety hazards for some passengers. Get peace of mind with support from one of our Safety Steps, specially designed for transportation vehicles.

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Industrial Use

Our industrial Safety Steps are crafted with heavy duty materials for extra rugged environments. From auto shops to restaurant kitchens, Safety Steps provide a strong and stable lift for employees to safely carry out their duties.

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Medical Facilities

Whether it's being used in an examination room or at a rehab facility, our specially designed medical Safety Steps are designed to provide extra stability and support to those who need a safer step stool.

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For Your Home

Never climb on unstable furniture to reach that top shelf again. Keep a Safety Step around your house for safety in those moments that it seems out of reach.

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It's All In The Details

Safety Step exceeds industry standards in quality assurance and durability testing. Since 1995, we’ve been manufacturing the safest step stool on the market.

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