Recreation (RV)

Recreational vehicles give you the freedom to travel anywhere with style and comfort. Our durable Safety Step designs match that rugged dependability and provides the safety you need to exit and enter your RV with the same feeling of comfort and ease.

You'll never have to worry about any of your family members falling off a trailer or coming out of your RV with our special no-tip design and industrial strength weight capacity.


If you provide transportation to the public or through private hire, you'll want to be sure your passengers can easily maneuver in and out of your vehicle. Whether it's a tour bus, motor coach, or shuttle, Safety Step has designed the perfect step stool to provide your passengers with that extra boost they need.

Our durable design can support repeated wear and tear from daily use and high traffic, so your passengers will never be in danger or left un-assisted.


Safety Step stools are reliable and extremely helpful in a variety of industry settings. As a company, you're liable for the safety of operations in your facilities and your employees. Have peace of mind knowing your employees are supported with the best industrial step stools in the market.

Oil Change

The oil change area in an auto shop can present a lot of possible slip hazards as well as strain on your employees. Keep your technicians safe with Safety Step's no-slip, rubber leg tips, and sturdy non-slip strips. Whether they're kneeling or reaching up to a car on a lift, they'll feel confident that they're supported with the highest quality step stools.

Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass repair requires the ability to reach a wide range of heights to properly install windshields. Relying on a Safety Step for support in your auto shop or in the field.

Truck Center

Working with large vehicles like tractor trailers can present a need for extra height to work on engines. You can focus on working with peace of mind knowing you are well supported with a sturdy Safety Step.

Restaurants and Bars

The kitchen of a restaurant or bar can be a treacherous place with grease and other slippery areas. Whether it's in the stock room or on the line, your employees can step up safely onto one of our stools and feel safe and supported without worrying about slipping and falling.


It takes much more than just boarding and departing passengers to get an airplane off the ground. From loading the luggage, to making sure the jets are fueled, there are a lot of opportunities to utilize one of our no-tip Safety Steps to move with ease and efficiency.

Medical Use

Any of our models can serve as a reliable step stool for medical or rehabilitation setting. You can better focus on helping your patient when you know that your stool will always provide the support you or your patient needs. Our bariatric steps are specially designed to provide that extra support and peace of mind your patients need when tackling their rehabilitation goals.


You'll never have to worry about having a special stool for your home, garden, or garage again after you buy a Safety Step. Our light weight design makes for easy storage and relocation to any part of your home. Never worry about asking for help to reach the top shelf again. Never have to hurt your knees kneeling in your garden again.