Safety Step’s New Logo!



Safety Step Corporation, a U.S. based manufacturer of safety step stools, is pleased to announce the unveiling of their new logo after 23 years in business.
The legacy of Safety Step Corporation has been refashioned, with an elephant standing atop of a safety step stool displaying its most prominent strength and durability features. The new logo is a modern take on the Safety Step’s brand identity and mission.
Through branding research, Safety Step has determined that progressing its current brand identity, rather than entirely changing its name, was the ideal decision. The reputation and goodwill built over 23 years is a valuable asset, we wanted the new logo to reflect what we are known for; what people identify Safety Step with.
“We feel that it’s important that the Safety Step brand remains the leader in the dynamic marketplaces, and to embody our core values.” states a Safety Step’s spokesperson. “Just as our company has evolved since 1995, our brand has to keep up as well to reflect the quality of our innovative products and the value our safety step stools bring to our customers over the years.”
Previously, the old logo features the company name in a stylized all-caps font. The new logo retains the name of the company and its signature green color. The text design receives a makeover with a non-capped font to convey a sense of reliability.
“When we were trying to come up with the new logo, we wanted something that matches and communicates Safety Step’s values to our customers clearly. So we’ve implemented an image of an elephant to convey what Safety Step stands for”. “The new logo has been redesigned to re ect an evolution while reminding us to remain faithful towards the core values of the Safety Step brand – strength and durability.”
“The new Safety Step brand logo is designed to reflect our new vision and dedication to everyone who uses a safety step. We’re incredibly proud of our new logo, and we really want the elephant to represent how strong these step stools are compared to step stools that you can get from any box store.” Added the spokesperson.
“Our new corporate brand identity reflects our company’s renewed focus and our brand promise – to design and manufacture the best step stools on the market.”
As the old logo gets phased out, the new logo will replace the old logo on all corporate communication materials, including all new publications, stationery, signages and the official website.
About Safety Step
Safety Step Corporation is a manufacturer Safety Step stools. The company is committed to providing the safest step stools to the market. As a leader in the field for 23 years, Safety Step has designed and produced a wide selection of step stools for many industries and purposes.