Tales From The Intern #10

Since I am nearing the end of my internship, I put together a marketing plan to run through December. This plan details what types of posts I will be sharing on our social media and how we plan to keep up with marketing efforts. Which brings me to some good news, I have been asked to stay part time during the school year helping out with special projects and maintaining our social media sites. I am very grateful about this opportunity and look forward to the challenge of juggling school, soccer and a job! I also made a calendar through December which states the type of email blasts we want to send to our dealers and distributors for Safety Step. Currently we are using a program called Mail Chimp for our email blasts. I conducted some research on alternative programs to switch to such as Drip.com and Constantcontact.com. These are sites that allow you to send unlimited automated emails, track your progress through analytics and much more. The hope is that our continuous attempts to reach our customers results in improved sales.

I also am researching more online distributors in the medical, transportation, and industrial markets to expand our reach for Safety Step products.

My bosses have left for the RVAA conference but before they did I helped out with some pre-conference prep. Throughout their days at the conference they have appointments scheduled with customers. I was to update the schedules to the correct times, collect all previous years information, and add in our new flyer.

Happy Friday 🙂