Tales From The Intern #2

6/4- 6/8

So I have officially completed my first full week of my summer internship at SafetyStep. What a great learning experience so far!

I have now begun to dive into the “real” but fun work my job entails, starting with building different social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I am in the process of working on our Facebook and Pinterest accounts for Picket Play Fencing. This includes, gathering company information, pictures, building a follower base and much more. This work has been very relatable for me because being a college student, a lot of what we do is interact on social media. This week I also had the opportunity to meet Deshea Witcher who works for Access marketing and owns his own company. Currently he is working on a landing page for Picket Play Fence and our SafetyStep big book advertisement. In order to help Deshea with the landing page, I was given the task of collecting specifications and benefits of Picket Play Fence as well as gather competitor information. It was wonderful to get Deshea’s insight on the subject and I look forward to learning from and working with him in the future. On an exciting note, I had the pleasure of introducing the face of Picket Play, Cooper, who is one of our very own thanks to Anna Guardipee. If you have a chance, look us up on Facebook and Pinterest and feel free to give us a like or share! See you all next week!