Tales From The Intern #3

6/11- 6/15

This week has been filled with all sorts of exciting things. If you recall, my first week I was responsible for finding an elephant stress ball with our logo on it for promotional needs. Well, they have officially arrived and they look great. We cant wait to give these out!

With all of the social media sites for Picket Play fencing up and running, including Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, it has allowed us to release the new logo. Once our landing page is ready the logo will be featured on there as well as any other Picket Play accounts. We hope that this new rebranding reflects the evolution of this product and its vision for the future.

Transitioning to Safety Step, I have created a Facebook page and Pinterest account. Since consumers of these products lie in various different markets, targeting efforts have been a bit challenging. In order to expand our range I have reached out to all of our dealers and reps asking them to promote us in any way they can. The hope is that this will provide more foot traffic on our social media sites which will then result in improved sales.

Stay tuned for more updates and our name-the-elephant contest!