Tales From The Intern #4

6/18- 6/22

Looking back, I had a very busy week. My main priority was to get new pictures for the Picket Play landing page with the new and safer closed cap design. One of my road trips was to Jeff’s house in order to get alternative use pictures. Boy was it hot! Some of these uses include air conditioning unit enclosure, end of property/ woods barrier, and patio enclosure. My second road trip was with Jeff and Anna to Danville, Virginia along with two furry friends, Cooper and Brinkley. Here we took all kinds of pictures of the fencing and the dogs playing in it. With the landing page mock up in, a few changes to be made, and new pictures, we cant wait to see the final product Deshea presents us!

I was also assigned additional tasks to work on in my spare time. The first involves one of our upcoming products that deals with sanitation of RV water tanks. The easy part was compiling a list of all RV manufacturers in the US. The second half of it was to find contact information for whoever is in charge of making decisions about new products. This part was more challenging and is still in progress. Another task I was assigned was to gather a list of potential online distributors to eventually get our step stool products on their sites. Some parameters for this were do they sell all steps, are they a smaller distributor, do they have too many steps, etc. While I was not able to focus much of my time on this, I plan to next week.

My social media responsibilities have been relatively consistent. I update and post to each platform almost everyday, especially since we have new pictures. Our name the elephant contest is up and running on Safety Step Facebook and Instagram so go check it out! Since start up, we have seen a steady increase of followers, likes, and the amount of people our pages have reached. We hope to continue seeing positive results!

See you next week!