Tales From The Intern #5

6/25- 6/29

Work is in full effect here at Safety Step. This week I have put together the content calendar for 2018 which entails coming up with creative ideas for holiday posts on our social media sites for both Picket Play and Safety Step. Be sure to check out our next one on July 4th!

I am happy to report that Picket Play’s post reach has nearly stretched to 2,000 and Safety Step’s to over 200 on Facebook! Since Picket Play has been in operation for longer we expected larger numbers. Safety Step, on the other hand, has slowly been on the rise since creation 2 weeks ago. In order to increase these numbers we have started our first promotion of our page on Facebook. This will hopefully allow us to expand our customer base by driving more traffic to our social media platforms and website. Similarly, we ran a promotion for Picket Play not on our page but on an individual post. We too are optimistic on the outcome of this effort. Something else I have been working on are flyers for Picket Play and Safety Step that will be packaged with the products. These flyers will primarily be used to promote our social media accounts.

We are also currently in the works of adding an accessory to the Picket Play Fence. This will give customers the option of adding their personal touch to the fence. I look forward to seeing where this little project ends up.