Tales From The Intern #6

7/1- 7/13

Last week was a short week for me because I was generously allowed to take a few days off to visit my family back home. But now I am back and in the full swing of things again. We met with Deshea to go over the final touches of the Picket Play landing page and I am happy to report it is officially launched! The landing page is conveniently set up so that customers have every bit of information and can order directly from the website. We hope this results in more sales and provides a better and easier experience for our customers. A couple days after the launch we also started a Facebook boost on our launch post which we hope will drive traffic to the new page.

One of tasks that I have been working on is gathering a list of influencers for Safety Step and Picket Play on Instagram. When doing this I looked for certain markers to tell me if that influencer would be a good fit for the companies. On the Safety Step side I decided to target the recreational market which meant  looking for RV accounts. I also targeted the recreational market for Picket Play with the addition of dog owners. Once finding these accounts I sent them a message asking if they would be interested in working with our company. We have received a couple of responses and are figuring out our financial budget so that we can move on to the next step of the process.

The other big task I worked on this week was to update our dealer list for Safety Step. The list consists of all the contact information for our dealers around the US. My job was to call each of the dealers and get legit email addresses for their parts manager and office manager. This will allow us to send out effective email blasts, promotions and gather up to date contact information. Being that this list has hundreds of names, I expect to be working on this for a couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!