Tales From The Intern #7

7/16- 7/20

I’m half way through my internship here at Safety Step and I’ve already learned so much. As you know last week I was working on influencers for Picket Play and Safety Step. After some discussion my bosses and I decided to focus solely on Picket Play influencers for now. With that being said, I contacted more people and received exciting additional responses. We are still working out the budget allowance but we look forward to seeing our product being advertised by these wonderful accounts.

A company like Safety Step relies heavily on trade shows to get our products out there to dealers, distributors and customers. At these events we bring the appropriate pop up banners and displays with our different products on them. My job this week was to take inventory of what displays we have and then discuss which ones need updating. As of now we have decided to update two Safety Step displays and one Picket Play display by including new pictures, picking new verbiage and omitting unimportant information. Once this was finished, I was assigned the task of finding a new banner and table cover for the shows, both with the Safety Step logo on them.

Oh, and speaking of logos, Ellie will now be featured as an adorable plush elephant at these trade shows.

Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend!