Tales From The Intern #8

7/23- 7/27

Well another week has flown by. I have narrowed down the Picket Play influencers to just focus on one. This account has expressed continuous excitement to partner with us, which is why we hope that our negotiations result in a mutually beneficial common ground.

Also, a part of last week’s tasks was to find trade show table covers and banners. After some back and forth with the company I’ve been working with, we have decided on a great design which includes a green background with the white Safety Step logo. We are excited to see the finished product in person and take it to the shows! Ellie will also be joining for trade shows, so for that reason I have been on the hunt for a large plush elephant. We have received one but since it is too floppy for our liking it will be included in one of our giveaways. Another elephant has just been ordered which we hope will meet our needs.

I am happy to announce the dealer list I’ve been working on for Safety Step is finally done. This list consisted of 467 dealers that our Safety Step products are sold in. It was especially important for me to gather the product manager’s email address for each dealer because we will be sending out promotions and new product information.

Have a great weekend!