Tales From The Intern #9

Slow and steady wins the race… which is exactly what this week feels like. My week has been filled with various little tasks. As you know I was on the hunt for a plush elephant and the one we had received was not to our liking. However, I have found one that we are very satisfied with and because of that, ordered an extra. I have to admit, having my desk filled with large plush elephants isn’t so bad.

Safety Step will soon be attending the RVAA conference which consists of mostly distributors and some dealers. Our reps will also be there to help sell our products and as a thank you, we always put together a goodie bag of Safety Step paraphernalia and treats. I was responsible for putting these bags together and coordinating which reps and customers will be there. This is a way we like to show our appreciation for all the hard work our reps do for us and for our customer’s business.

Since the launch of Safety Step’s new logo, we have progressively begun to incorporate it into all things Safety Step. In order to get the news out there to more people, I was tasked with creating a press release for Busline to provide the public with information and background on our new logo. We are hoping this creates more positive buzz about Safety Step and its effort to evolve.

Speaking of all things Safety Step, I have created a sticker with the new logo on it to pass around at trade shows, open houses, dealers, etc. The more branding the better… right?

After much discussion, we have decided to hold off on choosing an influencer and redirect our marketing effort elsewhere. Instead we are going to explore the idea of ad redirecting which is a tool to bring potential customers back to our websites after they’ve left by keeping track of their browsing habits.

Thanks for reading! Tune in next week!