Tales From The Intern #1

Safety Step is venturing into uncharted waters by hiring our first Marketing Intern.  For the next several weeks, Julia will be updating everyone in the Safety Step family with a weekly blog post.  We are very fortunate to have her with us!

Weekly blog


Hi my name is Julia McCracken. I attend Roanoke College as a rising senior and this summer I have the privilege of being SafetyStep’s Social Media and Marketing Intern. My first day started off by meeting all the people in the office and getting a tour. Can you believe I even get my own office space! After, I was able to sit in on my very first morning meeting. Like one could expect, this was a little overwhelming because I was unfamiliar with the lingo and how things functioned. However, all the members reassured me that they were here to help me not only get accustomed to the company but also increase my knowledge of marketing to get the most out of this experience. I felt very welcomed in this small environment. I learned of the responsibilities I was to take on, including fixing, choosing and launching different social media platforms to increase brand awareness, developing a content calendar, and handling other miscellaneous items. One of my main focuses during my first few days was to find an elephant stress ball to give away at trade shows to dealers and customers. You wouldn’t believe how many different options were available! At the end of my first week (okay only 3 days), I have already become immersed in the professional work culture and fulfilling my expected duties. I hope that this internship helps me affirm why I chose to study marketing and that I walk away with a fully comprehensive and rewarding experience.


Julia McCracken