Step stool manufacturer in vaSafety Step has manufactured safety step stools since 1995. Over the years we have designed and manufactured a full menu of the safest stepping stools available on the market today. With our facilities in Roanoke, Virginia, and Salem, Ohio, our sole business is the manufacture and distribution of step stools. We are driven to provide the highest caliber step stool to our customers.

Our comprehensive quality assurance program includes testing for strength and durability. We manufacture our step stools using aircraft quality aluminum with a proprietary heat treat designed to maximize strength and toughness. Our stepping stools are painted using modern powder coat techniques designed to withstand most any environment.

Safety step manufacturer in VirginiaOur manufacturing process and commitment to quality make Safety Step a leader in the transportation, recreation, medical, industrial, and educational markets. With our team of engineers, Safety Step can customize a stepping stool to meet your specific needs, while still guaranteeing the final product meets our high standards.

Since our inception, Safety Step has been committed to providing the safest stepping stools available in the market. Our unique anti-tip design, use of high quality materials, rigorous quality assurance program, and business focus on step stools has enabled us to become a leader in this field.

While there may be imitations of the Safety Step available in the market, no one has been able to duplicate the Safety Step commitment to quality and safety.

If it does not say Safety Step, it is not a safety step.


Testing-Photo-3Safety Step maintains industry defining quality processes from design to showroom. All of our product lines are designed and built to have a 1,000 pound stationary weight capacity. We verify our designs through extensive laboratory testing, a practice that began with our company and continues today.

For our industrial products our testing allows us to match our products to OSHA and ANSI standards for approved working loads. Our working load ratings are some of the highest available from ANSI.

If you would like to know more about our standards please feel free to contact our quality department by emailing us at info@safetystep.net.

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